A Message from Linvio’s CEO

Welcome to my first Linvio Blog Post entry! In response to your feedback to hear more about Linvio, our mission, and our direction, I will be posting here at least once a quarter to keep you up to date on the exciting happenings at Linvio!

Linvio Gives Back:

It’s been an exciting year so far at Linvio! With our recent acquisition, we have updated our mission statement (to deliver a comprehensive and unified commerce experience that is accessible to all businesses looking to make taking payments as easy as it is necessary) and the business has undergone massive transformational changes.

Motivated by this mission, I am proud to announce our new “Linvio Gives Back” initiative. Linvio has always supported and given back to its local communities but this will be the first time in our company history that we make “giving back” part of our corporate DNA.


It didn’t take long for us to identify a partner for this effort. A couple months ago, our very own Brooke Bracy introduced me to the wonderful group over at Supermums. Their mission stood out immediately as one that aligns with our own core values and is one we are excited to support. Supermums is a social enterprise on a mission to upskill and empower women in the latest technology skills, with a focus on Salesforce and complementary ISV products. They strive to tackle gender equality in the tech industry by increasing the numbers of women joining the ecosystem, increasing their salary potential, and supporting women into leadership positions.

What better way to deliver on our own mission to create accessible commerce experiences for all Salesforce users than to help those organizations supporting the greater accessibility of the core Salesforce platform?

Supermums CPD Programme:

In September, Linvio will be partnering with Supermums to launch their new Supermums CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Programme! But instead of merely delivering a single presentation in our one-month spotlight, we have designed a 12-month course that will teach and train program participants in the hard and soft skills necessary to be successful working in the Salesforce ecosystem (especially as it relates to commerce).

Every Tuesday at 1pm PST/9pm BST we will be hosting a new webinar series! Our current schedule is as follows:
  • Month 1: Introduction to Linvio - Who We Are and What Our Goals Are For This Program
  • Month 2: Linvio Overview & Why Linvio
  • Month 3: Selecting an AppExchange Solution - Creating a Business Use Case, Selling Stakeholders, and Championing the Solution
  • Month 4: Linvio Commerce
  • Month 5: Get to Know the LMA and Learn Customer Support Best Practices for ISV Partners
  • Month 6: Troubleshooting for Admins
  • Month 7: Exciting Topic to be Revealed in September
  • Month 8: Linvio Events
  • Month 9: Building a Digital Experience with Linvio Bolts
  • Month 10a: Project Challenge Introduction and Linvio Product Installation
  • Month 10b: Office Hours for the Project and Product Installations
  • Month 11: Peer Review Break-out Sessions
  • Month 12: Demo Jam & Recap
Our customers have given us very positive feedback on the webinar series we kicked off in February and this is the first time that our webinars will be available outside of our customer base. Customers who want to hear more from our team will be welcome to join in on the webinars offered through this program and the content will also be made available in the Linvio Customer Portal. If you want to make sure you don’t miss out, you can register for the program here starting on September 1: http://www.supermums.org/

Concluding Thoughts:

This is just one of the many announcements that will be happening in the next 30 days. For those who don’t want to miss the next set of exciting announcements, be sure to join our customer webinar on September 2!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and gave this a read. I would appreciate it if each of you would also go support Supermums and their mission by giving them a follow:
  • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/supermumsglobal/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/SupermumsGlobal
  • Sign up to their newsflash on their website to learn more!

Talk to you soon!
Anthony Frediani